Adamant about the colors and fabrics that fit her mood for the day, Kapri Reneé started dressing herself when she was only six years old. She’d also watch YouTube tutorials on different hairstyles and makeup trends, anxiously awaiting the day she can begin expressing her creativity with bold eyeshadows and lipsticks. She refused, however, to wait to market her visions.

Kapri watched her mother, Angie Reneé, establish and operate a successful publishing company on a full-time basis for over five years. The girl boss that she is and has always been, Kapri was inspired by her mother’s entrepreneurial successes and unintimidated by the struggles. She told her mom that she wanted to be a "kidpreneur" and didn’t let up until it happened. 

In Spring 2020, the mother-daughter duo launched The Kapri Store as a place where you can find things to complement your own sense of style. From your eyes down to your t-shirt, The Kapri Store is where you go to feel distinct and top-of-the-line. It’s where everyone in the family can find something. It’s where the trendsetters shop. Where individuality meets fashion